The high standards are evident in the excellent exam results and the eagerness with which my daughter comes home each week to learn tap.

Leonie Johnson

The City Dance Academy is the best dance school my daughter has ever been to and it has really brought out her confidence. She absolutely loves the classes!

Lorraine James

Our daughter has been taking ballet lessons from the age of 2, at different dance studios. It was only at the age of 5 that we joined The City Dance Academy and ballet and tap took a whole different meaning for us. Miss Kika has taught our daughter through discipline and routine the importance of posture, concentration and a joy for dance that our daughter flourishes in. The lessons are often filled with laughter but with an edge of seriousness, encouraging the pupils to move to their grades and show pieces. Miss Kika and Miss Jessica ooze dedication.

Mr and Mrs Mwoniki

My daughter has attended the City Dance Academy for over six years from the age of two and a half. I have found that over her time at the academy, her confidence has blossomed and she has flourished in all areas of dance such as Ballet, Tap, Modern, Street, Jazz and Acro, as well as the competition classes that she also attends. Her teacher Miss Kika is a professional, passionate and dedicated individual who always inspires concentration and motivation in her students. Miss Jessica is also a very happy and positive inspiration to her students. As a result, my daughter has learnt the meaning of independence and teamwork and has matured immensely. I highly recommend the City Dance Academy to any potential students as a professional and dedicated dance studio which constantly strives to fulfil the potential of it’s students.

Lisa Curran

Since my daughter joined the school, it’s amazing what she has achieved and what a wonderful little dancer she has turned into – all thanks to her brilliant teachers! My daughter attends classes 5 days a week and says it’s like her second home, she absolutely loves it and can’t get enough of dancing! All the other children are all so nice and friendly and everyone at the school is like one big family. It’s such a nice place for the children to learn to dance and I’m so glad that my daughter was able to get a place and start dancing at the best school in the area! The exam results that all the children achieve are fantastic and I always love having the amazing shows to look forward to. It’s great to see how confident all of the kids have become when performing on stage, The CDA is producing some little stars!

Donna Trikilis

Congratulations on Showtime 2012! It was fantastic and hugely enjoyed by pupils and audience alike. Lots of proud mummy’s! It was an amazing experience for Isadora and she loved it. Well done to you and your fab team.

Venetia Bartleet

Thank you for such an incredible show. The work that must have gone into it is nothing short of a miracle! We all enjoyed every minute (even Tom aged 3 who was captivated!) The talent on stage was absolutely extraordinary, every number so original and entertaining. Many congratulations for making it happen and fulfilling so many little girls and boys dreams. Huge thanks.

Catherine Gilpin

Showtime 2015 was an absolute triumph – my sister, husband, son and two mates who came were all stunned at the standard. Can’t wait for the DVD. Megan had a fantastic time too – a really good life experience!

Clare Wooldridge

Thanks also for an amazing show. My daughter Edie was only in one routine, primary ballet, but she clearly loved being part of such a professional and ambitious show so thank you for your hard work and inspiration on what was a fabulous show.

Annie Wright

Just wanted to say that Showtime 2015 was amazing and thanks so much for all your hard work putting it together and choreographing all those dances – you are very talented!
It was fantastic to watch all of the dances – not just the ones that my children were in.
There really are some very talented girls with you, which is credit to your teaching and the way you run the school. Laila really enjoyed herself!!

Nicky Alam

Just wanted to say a massive thank you and well done for all your hard work that went into producing the show. It was amazing to watch and all the girls did so well. Matilda had a fabulous time and when I picked her up she said she wished she could do it again!!

Clare Thomson

We want to congratulate you and your team on a beautiful performance at Showtime 2015 . We as parents enjoyed it a lot. Keti really enjoyed herself. Well done to CDA.

Nino Dekanozishvill

Thank you for teaching us outstanding lessons!

Kia Mwoniki - Aged 7

I have attended The City Dance Academy for 3 years, taking private lessons in ballet, tap, modern and recently street dance. I have taken many exams and gained extremely high Distinction grades. I attend 3 days a week and now assist on Saturday with the younger children’s classes. I really enjoy coming as it’s such a friendly, warm place to be and I feel very welcome every time I’m here.

Ella Purnell - Age 16

After 15 years of being a student at The City Dance Academy, I am now assisting in the younger children’s classes, working at the reception desk and also teach the Senior Street dance class on Monday evenings. Whilst attending the school I attended 5 classes a week in ballet, tap, modern, jazz and competition group and took all my ISTD exams, passing with Distinctions. I have taken part in many of the school shows and a number of dance competitions and was also awarded The City Dance Academy’s Dancer of the Year 2009. During my time as a student at the school I have learnt so much and really improved my dance technique. Dancing here showed me that dancing was what I wanted to do as a career and has prepared me for the real dance industry. It has also recently helped me gain a place at The Brit School where I am now studying BTEC dance. It is a very warm and welcoming environment to be in and I enjoy every minute whenever I’m here. I would recommend for anyone to join The City Dance Academy!

Eleesha De Silva, Ex Student & Teacher

I love City Dance Academy because Miss kika is so nice to us and we often get to work in groups with our friends which is really fun. I love to dance, so in all of my classes I get the chance to move and be free. I have been at the academy since I was about 5 or 6 and I am now 10, so I’ve been here for quite a long time. I think everyone should come here because it is a great school and Miss Kika is not the only nice teacher here, there are lots of other teachers and helpers such as Miss Aimmie who is our acro teachers, Miss Eleesha and Miss Lily.

Phoebe Hannifan - Age 10

I have attended the City Dance Academy since I was two and a half, and over this time, I have learnt many different styles of dance and I enjoy them all. I really like the dance exams because they help me to push myself and work hard so that I can get my pointe shoes for ballet when I am older. The Acro class with Miss Aimmie is really fun and energetic and the teachers at the school push me hard to fulfil my potential as a dancer. I also like the academy because I have made some very nice friends and we have so much fun when we do our lessons. Love Sonnie Girl x x x – Sonnie Girl Curran-Samuels – Age 8, Student

Sonnie Girl Curran-Samuels - Age 8

I like the City Dance Academy because I’ve met so many new friends and everyone is so friendly. Miss Kika is the best dance teacher in the history of dance teachers! Miss Kika teaches me so many new things all the time and is great at showing me loads of new dance moves. Everyone should come to the City Dance Academy. It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me!

Lilly Samain, Age 10

I love City Dance Academy because it gives me the opportunity to be my self and do what I love to do – dance!
All the students and staff are all so kind, especially Miss Kika, she has taught me everything I know! Thank you Miss Kika. I started here in 2004 and i have enjoyed every class I have attended. Thank you City Dance Academy for teaching me everything I know.

Harriette White - Age 10

I been a student at the City Dance Academy for 11 years and can honestly say I have thoroughly enjoyed each one of them. Weather we are working towards exams or practicing for shows, lessons are always fun, energetic and give you a real sense of achievement. City Dance Academy offers opportunities to meet new people, exercise in an enjoyable way and find a talent you may never have known you had! I will be extremely sad to leave the school when I go to University, but I know there will always be a fantastic show to look forward to!

Maria O'Mahoney - Age 16

I have attended other dance schools within the local community, but it wasn’t until I joined the City Dance Academy that I felt I really made a lot of progress with my ballet. I feel like my technique has improved so much and I have become a much stronger dancer. The school has a great atmosphere for young people that are into dance.

Zellal Dogan - Age 14

I love dancing at the City Dance Academy and Miss Kika is my favourite teacher. I do ballet, tap, modern and acro and my favourite classes are ballet and acro. I really like the teaching assistants too, especially Miss Demi and Miss Lily! I like coming to the school because it’s so much fun and when I grow up I want to be a ballet teacher just like Miss Kika.

Sofia Claxton - Age 5

The City dance Academy is such a nice environment, its like a family of dance and fun! Miss Kika is a wonderful teacher who helps every one of us individually and encourages us to work to our best ability and achieve the highest standard and help us gain good exam grades.

Stephannye Da Silva - Age 13

I enjoy being part of the school as Miss Kika helps and pushes me to work at my best potential with fun and challenging moves and dances. I also love the atmosphere and other students as they are all so caring and supportive.

Cansel Gok - Age 15

I have been at CDA for 6 years now and I started when I was just 4 years old. I have never been to a different dance school and I never will. The CDA feels like a second home to me and Miss Kika is not only my dance teacher, but also like a friend and like everyone else here…they all feel like family. On Wednesday I do acro and modern, on Thursday I do ballet and tap, on Friday I do Street dance and competition group and on Saturday I often help out with the younger children’s classes in the morning and also do an extra ballet class at my own level in the afternoon. I have been in several shows and recently I did a solo in ‘Showtime 2012’ which was a great opportunity and really fun! I was in 13 dances in total for the show and I enjoyed every one of them!

Demi Shell - Age 10

I have been dancing at the City Dance Academy for about 7 years and I think it’s a great place! One of my favourite things about it is the shows we get to take part in. I like learning all the dances and trying on all the costumes. Miss Kika is also an amazing teacher, so all the routines are amazing too! I also like the Academy because t’s a great way to stay fit and have fun at the same time. I go to ballet, tap, modern, street dance, acro and have also been invited to be part of the Competition Group. My favorite lessons are tap and acro because they are both so fun. Our acro teacher, Miss Aimmie is so good and I have learnt so much from her. i have learnt loads of new tricks and really enjoy the lessons. I think CDA is a great place if you want to dance, keep fit and have fun. I hope I can carry on attending because I have so much fun doing the shows and exams.

Carmel O'Mahoney - Age 12

I joined the City Dance Academy 7 years ago when I started at the age of 6, taking lessons in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, street dance acro and also Competition Group. I recently got my Pointe shoes, so have started Pointe class as well, which I really enjoy. Before I discovered CDA, I attended other schools in the area, but it wasn’t until I came here that I realised how professional it is. The classes are fantastic, they are so energetic, you learn so much and everyone is really welcoming. I have taken many exams, most recently my grade 4 tap and modern which Miss Kika helped push me to succeed very high grades, gaining distinctions in both. I have participated in many shows and I am enjoying them more and more each time, as it is my dream to be on stage. Miss Kika is a wonderful teacher, she is very professional and always encourages us to work hard to succeed and fulfil our potential. Every child at CDA loves her and enjoys her teaching, including myself. With Miss Kika’s help, preparing me for auditions, I have just gained a place and started secondary school at Italia Conti as a full time Performing Arts student. I have also been given the opportunity to come into CDA after school and on weekends to help assist with the younger children’s classes, which is such brilliant experience, I love it! By being a teaching assistant, it will help me achieve and gain lots of experience for what I want to be when I’m older – a choreographer, working in the west end and owning my own theatre school one day just like Miss Kika. Lots of people say I am following in her footsteps! She has really helped me gain confidence over the last few years and inspires me so much to work hard and believe I can be what I want to be! Thanks to her I am where I am now. Anyone that joins the school is very lucky to have the opportunity.

Lily-Mae West - Age 13

Miss Kika is the best dance teacher ever, she’s wonderful! She always helps me to do my very best. The other teachers and helpers such as Eleesha and Lily-Mae are also very helpful……they are great dancers too! I really like all my classes because all the other children are really nice and I also get to dance with lots of my school friends and everyone is really helpful and helps each other out when we are practicing steps and routines.

Halia St.Louis - Age 10

I want to thank you guys so much for letting me complete my work experience with you, something which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I have learnt a lot from you and your advice will help me in my future dance career. It’s been great working with you.

Katherine - Age 15