I joined the City Dance Academy 7 years ago when I started at the age of 6, taking lessons in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, street dance acro and also Competition Group. I recently got my Pointe shoes, so have started Pointe class as well, which I really enjoy. Before I discovered CDA, I attended other schools in the area, but it wasn’t until I came here that I realised how professional it is. The classes are fantastic, they are so energetic, you learn so much and everyone is really welcoming. I have taken many exams, most recently my grade 4 tap and modern which Miss Kika helped push me to succeed very high grades, gaining distinctions in both. I have participated in many shows and I am enjoying them more and more each time, as it is my dream to be on stage. Miss Kika is a wonderful teacher, she is very professional and always encourages us to work hard to succeed and fulfil our potential. Every child at CDA loves her and enjoys her teaching, including myself. With Miss Kika’s help, preparing me for auditions, I have just gained a place and started secondary school at Italia Conti as a full time Performing Arts student. I have also been given the opportunity to come into CDA after school and on weekends to help assist with the younger children’s classes, which is such brilliant experience, I love it! By being a teaching assistant, it will help me achieve and gain lots of experience for what I want to be when I’m older – a choreographer, working in the west end and owning my own theatre school one day just like Miss Kika. Lots of people say I am following in her footsteps! She has really helped me gain confidence over the last few years and inspires me so much to work hard and believe I can be what I want to be! Thanks to her I am where I am now. Anyone that joins the school is very lucky to have the opportunity.