Exam Information

At The City Dance Academy we follow the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) syllabus. Syllabus work is taught in ballet, tap and modern. All students are encouraged to work towards exams and will be entered after assessment of progress and when the teacher decides that the candidate is ready and has reached the required standard. If a pupil decides that they would like to work towards their exam, this requires commitment in attendance and punctuality. Extra coaching classes are run prior to exam sessions and as a condition of entry pupils must attend these coaching classes, in addition to their regular classes. Private lessons are also offered for those that feel they may need and benefit from one on one tuition in the run up to the exam period.

Although we do encourage all pupils to work towards exams some children find that attending classes and learning is rewarding enough, and The City Dance Academy does not believe in pushing them through if they do not wish to be entered.

Please note, the ISTD’s minimum age for exam entry is 5 years old.